Tetris and Labour

So the computer game Tetris is going to be made into a movie. This doesn’t strike me as a good idea. Stacking endless streams of tumbling blocks so that they complete rows that then disappear isn’t much of a plot. Characters and character development? Hmm…

As great as a game may be, movies based on computer games are generally an inherently bad proposition. Mortal Combat or Battleships, anyone?

Not that Tetris isn’t a great game. I got ridiculously hooked on it back in Uni, to the point where I would go to bed and dream about tumbling multi-coloured blocks. Earlier, back in High School, I discovered a random Japanese two-player battle version, where completed rows would appear on the other player’s half of the screen, while an insane Japanese commentator screamed strange congratulatory or woe-filled phrases, and bright lights flashed. Too many hours were wasted…

Henk Rogers, managing director of The Tetris Company (a company name which certainly makes it clear what they do!), said the game feeds our “innate desire to create order out of chaos”. Innate desire? Not in the Labour Party!


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