Is Steve Gibson the new Aaron Gilmore?

When Aaron Gilmore resigned, one would have thought the humiliation would have been more than enough for him to well and truly keep his head down. But no. Come the Christchurch East by-election, there he was lambasting National for the by-election “not being run right” and for the party choosing the wrong candidate. In Aaron Gilmore’s world, the perfect candidate would have been Aaron Gilmore, and he’d had “huge pressure” to stand as an independent candidate.

Presumably, the “huge pressure” had come from those who love a good laugh, but Mr Gilmore evidently lacked the self-awareness to work that out. Gilmore briefly became the media’s go-to guy for strange self-important anti-National lines. He evidently enjoyed the ongoing limelight, but couldn’t seem to understand that this was infamy, as opposed to fame.

One of the funniest pieces of post-election commentary has come from Labour’s Rangitata candidate, Steve Gibson. He hit the headlines for his anti-Semitic ravings regarding John Key and the National Party in general – not once, but twice. Strike two resulted in David Cunliffe stating that Gibson had no future with the Labour Party, and that if Cunliffe could have sacked him as a candidate, he would have.

Following Labour’s heavy loss, which included Gibson’s electorate foe Jo Goodhew increasing her majority by 101% (the largest increase in the country), Gibson turned feral against his own party. Stuff reports Gibson as saying, following happily in Aaron Gilmore’s footsteps:

“Ideally Labour should be looking at someone like me to lead them. They’ve been relying on insiders for too long and maybe they should look to an outsider.”

And it wasn’t his fault he crashed and burned in Rangitata:

“I’ve given my all and I’ve been shafted by a guy who thinks he’s a leader. You didn’t see the All Blacks jumping all over Richie McCaw when he gave away a penalty earlier this year. First and foremost you support your team.”

All of which has resulted in him being utterly broke and considering auctioning his Labour Party t-shirt to help pay his rent:

“I’m thinking of writing Shylock in vivid marker on it and auctioning it on Trademe. I bloody need the dough.”

If the media need a self-important anti-Semite to rage long and hard about the Labour Party’s failings, with many a pithy soundbite, then Steve Gibson’s their man. Move over, The Civilian and surrender your electoral comedy crown – Gibson has landed.


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