Too close to call in Te Tai Hauauru

Maori TV yesterday released the results of their poll of the Te Tai Hauauru electorate, and it’s a close one, with the Maori Party’s Chris McKenzie just 3% ahead of Labour’s Adrian Rurawhe. Given that the pundits and iPredict have been expecting a relatively comfortable win for Labour, it’s an unexpected result.

Mr Rurawhe was certainly surprised:

“The results I have from our door-knocking led me to think that I should’ve been ahead and I’m not altogether convinced that I’m not.”

Of course, it’s just one poll of 500 voters, and it’s certainly a shakeup for Labour, but Mr Rurawhe might take some comfort from the fact that the punters at iPredict are still betting on a Labour victory in the seat.

The results for the electorate vote are as follows:

  • Maori Party (Chris McKenzie) – 32%
  • Labour (Adrian Rurawhe) – 29%
  • Greens (Jack McDonald) – 11%
  • Mana (Jordan Winiata) – 10%

In the party vote stakes, Labour has a comfortable lead:

  • Labour – 36%
  • Maori Party – 23%
  • National – 12%
  • Greens – 11%
  • Internet Mana – 11%
  • NZ First – 7%



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