Labour’s Steve Gibson – prize arse

There are silver linings to everything, even terrible poll results. On the one hand, Labour’s polling is so bad that 30% is now considered a good result. But at least that means there’s no chance of Steve Gibson accidentally getting in to Parliament on the list.

Mr Gibson obviously didn’t get the ‘Vote Positive’ memo, when he said this about John Key on Facebook:

“there is the REAL face of Shonky Jonkey Shylock…nasty little creep with a nasty evil and vindictive sneer…”


Here’s Mr Gibson’s Facebook apology:

Two weeks ago I made a completely inappropriate Facebook post. I apologise unreservedly. I was not aware of the connotations of the term and am mortified.

I have removed the post.

I’d wondered how someone knows that Shylock is a money-lender in Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice, but doesn’t know that the character is Jewish. Well, Mr Gibson has explained on Radio NZ that he was simply repeating things he’d heard elsewhere. There’s something more than a little childish about repeating insults you don’t understand, but at least he wasn’t being knowingly anti-Semitic…

However, there’s another issue, which has been raised by Matthew Beveridge at Social Media & the 2014 General Election. The offending post was on the Facebook page of long-time Labour activist Greg Presland (aka Micky Savage at The Standard). Mr Presland is a former New Lynn electorate chair and he helped set up David Cunliffe’s secret trust during the Labour leadership campaign.

Did no alarm bells ring when a Labour Party candidate published an anti-Semitic slur on Mr Presland’s Facebook page, a page that is open to the world to see? As Matthew Beveridge writes:

There appears to have been no comment, from anyone, about the nature of Steve Gibson’s post on Greg’s wall, until it became public, two weeks after it was posted. If Greg had replied to Steve, pointing out the offensive and anit-Semitic nature of this post, or if he had deleted it before it became public, then it would have been a clear sign those involved in the high levels of the Labour Party take seriously the issue of anti-Semitism and their pledge Vote Positive. However neither Greg Presland nor any of his friends, appear to have made any comments, or taken any action to counter these comments.  Does this lack of action, or comment, from a senior figure in the Labour Party, and his friends, suggest an acceptance of the comments and their nature?


Russell Brown just noted on Twitter that Steve Gibson was ranting on before he was selected as Labour’s Rangitata candidate. Here’s the rant, which was in response to someone commenting “last thing this area needs is labour”:

yes we need more intensification of dairying to finish off the rivers, more corporatisation of everything to make the top 5% richer and everyone else debt ridden and spyed on to keep them in line, more yes-people in decision making positions so we can all roll over for the fossil fuel barons, more climate change sceptics to accelerate the ‘race to the bottom’ of the non-renewable resources…yes we don’t need any more representation of the workers of South Canterbury, we can leave it all to the self righteous, ‘who-cares-about-the-future-‘cos-I-won’t-be-here-to-worry-bout-it’ people like you, who hide behind a phoney non de plume….you really don’t have a clue really do you?….just a banal and moronic comment, like what comes out of the mouths of your tory ‘heroes’…

Because that’s how you win people over to your side…



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