Fuck John Key, but don’t burn him…

Now let me get this straight. The Internet Mana Party is happy to put together a video showing a crowd of students chanting “Fuck John Key” in unison, and to broadcast that via their official party website. However, when a separate group of students burn an effigy of John Key, and John Key assumes that it’s something to with Internet Mana, Laila Harre gets offended and threatens to sue?

With the “Fuck John Key” video, Internet Mana made it pretty clear that they’re going for the anti-establishment youth vote. It’s not really an appeal based on coherent policy debate… So can anyone blame Mr Key for assuming that when a ‘burn the Prime Minister’s effigy’ video surfaces, days after the ‘Fuck John Key’ video, that there was an Internet Mana connection? After all, it seems that he’d just been shown the video for the first time by Rawdon Christie on TVNZ’s Breakfast show.

Frankly, from what’s been reported it seems like TVNZ did no background research into the clip, and simply showed it to Key in circumstances that suggested that Internet Mana were involved. The Internet Mana Party therefore have reason to be aggrieved at TVNZ. It’s terrible, presumably biased, reporting, and I’d be interested to hear their explanation as to why they either didn’t bother to check the provenance of the clip, or didn’t feel it necessary to explain the provence of the clip to John Key. One hopes they didn’t simply take the clip from Whaleoil and do no further research…

Regardless, Laila Harre again shows herself to be a hypocrite. One day she’s lambasting Key for labelling Kim Dotcom her “sugar daddy”, the next she’s justifying the “Fuck John Key” video, and the next she’s threatening legal action over Key associating her party’s supporters with the burning of Key’s effigy.

Methinks the lady doth protest too much.



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