Was Tim Barnett proposing a secret trust to fund Kelvin Davis?

So Tim Barnett, Labour’s General Secretary, tells Kelvin Davis’ team (via Kaye Taylor) that Team Davis’ proposed anti-Dotcom website isn’t a goer. It’s too negative. It uses National’s “Working for New Zealand” slogan.

Kaye Taylor responds with this:

I think we as a party need to realize that the battle we are fighting in the north is unique. Our opposition is not Keys and his party. We are fighting against Hone who is being funded by a multi- millionaire who is frankly trying to buy his way into parliament. The website is confrontational as it is a wakeup call, it’s not aimed at traditional supporters, honestly I think national supporters may contribute.

Frankly our ability to fund this campaign is limited and that is why we are trying something different that carries some risk.

To which Tim Barnett replies:

Of course the obvious response is that we are one party and whatever you do will be seen as happening on behalf of Labour, and with the full agreement of Labour. If the fundraising was carried out by a third party organisation which then donated that would be less risky to the whole Party. Is that an option?

In other words, we don’t mind receiving funds from right-wing sources, but we don’t want anyone to know we’re taking that money. Let a third-party entity collect the individual donations, and then funnel it to the Labour Party in one lump sum.

Is it just me or does that sound suspiciously like funnelling donations through a trust to obscure their source?


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