United Future’s list

United Future has released it’s party list. Peter Dunne announced the top ten members on the list, despite the list continuing eleven names:

  1. Peter Dunne
  2. Alan Simmons
  3. Damian Light
  4. Sultan Eusoff
  5. Ben Rickard
  6. Jason Woolston
  7. Dave Stonyer
  8. Bryan Mockridge
  9. Ram Parkash
  10. Quentin Todd
  11. James Maxwell

It’s a list that doesn’t really inspire analysis, other than perhaps the obvious question – does the United Future membership contain a single woman?

Nonetheless, one can see from this report where the party hopes to get its votes from, beyond the three-yearly plea from Peter Dunne involving repeated use of the words “sensible” and “common sense”:

United Future has released a party list it believes reflects a strong commitment to outdoor recreation and migrant communities.

All I can say is that you know a party’s candidate base is thin when their number eleven candidate is nineteen years old and described as a “supermarket checkout operator and management trainee”.


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