Waiting for the miracle – the sad case of Martyn Bradbury

So Kim Dotcom will reveal his “evidence” that John Key lied when he said he’d never heard of Dotcom before the infamous raid on the Dotcom mansion. Of course, whatever it is that Dotcom has up his sleeve was always going to be released during the election campaign. After all, as Cameron Slater discovered with the Len Brown sex scandal, publishing all of the details just after the election date doesn’t help with the actual election result.

The only interesting detail was that the “evidence” will be released at the Auckland Town Hall just five days out from the election. Five days? If that’s the case, the whole thing looks decidedly shifty, with Dotcom wanting to minimise the time in which the “evidence” can be scrutinised. If you’ve got a smoking gun, why not put it on display immediately?

Personally, I don’t believe Dotcom has anything much. Take this piece from Russell Brown:

On the face of it, Prime Minister John Key’s consistent claim that he had never heard of Kim Dotcom until the eve of the extraordinary armed raid on the Dotcom mansion on January 20 2012 seems unlikely and absurd.

How could he not have known of the flamboyant, controversial German occupying a huge property in his electorate? If three of his senior ministers and even his own electorate office staff were familiar with Dotcom and his issues, how could he not be?

But there has never been any evidence to prove otherwise.

“It doesn’t exist,” journalist David Fisher affirmed to the room at the last Wintec Press Club lunch. “I know. I’ve looked.”

If David Fisher hasn’t yet found the smoking gun, I’d be very surprised if hard evidence exists. Most likely, there’ll be proof of a meeting between John Key and someone American, just prior to the raid, with the insinuation that Dotcom must have been discussed. An insinuation simply won’t cut the mustard though. As many other commentators have pointed out, Dotcom has built this thing up to the point that anything less than rock solid, incontrovertible evidence that Key has lied, will simply seem like a damp squib.

The pathetic part of this though is watching sections of the Left bank everything on Kim Dotcom’s announcement. Just look at Martyn Bradbury’s post at the Daily Blog, entitled “Why the polls, policy & smears now don’t matter until after 7pm September 15th 2014“:

“Couple of polls out today, Roy Morgan and the stuff.co.nz/Ipsos Polls – and they don’t matter.

John Key could announce tax cuts from a live press conference in Hawaii, and it wouldn’t matter.

David Cunliffe could be mocked on ZB by Mike Hosking for 10 hours straight. And it wouldn’t matter.

All that matters now is 7pm Monday 15th at the Auckland Town Hall.”

If, in Mr Bradbury’s mind, the sole hope for a change in government rests with Kim Dotcom and his “evidence”, then God help Bradbury and his cohorts.




  1. The thing is, I reckon a whole lot of people don’t believe Key’s claim that he had never heard of Dotcom. I don’t think they care though, because they like Dotcom a whole lot less than they like the PM. So even if Dotcom does have ‘hard evidence’, I don’t see it doing much damage to National.

    But what would I know? 🙂

    1. There’s probably a fair bit of truth in that, Andrew.

      I think there’s probably also going to be a case of “issue fatigue”. The whole GCSB / mansion raid thing has now generated so many twists and counter-twists that most people really couldn’t give a monkeys any more. It’s just too complicated keeping track of which shadowy person/organisation was meeting with which other equally shadowy person/organisation, let alone keeping track of when those meetings were and what might have been said!

      Just as with Judith Collins and the Oravida scandal – most people probably thought she’d lied to the public and parliament, but the drip feed of info meant that by the time the irrefutable evidence began to appear, they’d lost track of who said what and where and what date it all occurred… (And then of course Winston Peters made a right tit of himself with his so-called “smoking gun”…)

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