Idiot/Savant says the Right is to blame for the bullet holes in Hone’s windows

Last Thursday night, someone fired shorts through the front window of Hone Harawira’s office, which is insane behaviour. It should go without saying that anyone who creeps out at night to fire a gun through a politician’s electorate office window is more than a little unhinged.

My reaction when the story was reported on 3News last night was simply along the lines of, “I hope they catch the psycho and lock him up.” Which made me look somewhat askance at Idiot/Savant at No Right Turn‘s blog post, “Shooting at MPs“, in which he states:

For the past few years, the right has been whipping up hatred against Hone harawira. And now, predictably, people are shooting at him.

I beg your pardon? Political attacks on Hone Harawira will “predictably” lead to people shooting at him? It’s an entirely normal outcome of sustained political attack on an MP that someone will shoot holes in his/her office window?

What precisely is Idiot/Savant trying to say here? That Hone Harawira gets a dispensation card preventing his political opponents from trying to prevent him getting re-elected? That Labour should stop its attacks on John Key, just in case a raving nut job decides to shoot out his Helensville office windows? That National should leave David Cunliffe alone, in case of future firearms offences against New Lynn office windows?

And why precisely is it the Political Right’s fault that some lunatic with a gun decides that shooting out Harawira’s windows is a good idea? It’s not as if there’s some New Zealand version of Sarah Palin, painting cross-hairs on electoral “targets” to rev up the gun nut support base.

Given Harawira’s penchant for racism (“white motherfuckers”, anyone? No white boys dating your daughters, Hone?), perhaps Idiot/Savant would support a ban on the media reporting Mr Harawira’s more crapulent comments, just in case they push someone over the edge?

At the very least, perhaps Idiot/Savant would be so good as to elaborate on exactly which of the Right’s attacks on Mr Harawira have been so hideously beyond the pale…



    1. Are you saying that Hone Harawira’s comments that I’ve cited weren’t racist? If so, I’m interested in your definition of racism?

      Or are you meaning that in the general sense, as a middle-class white male, I can’t possibly ever understand the concept of racism?

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