McCready jumps the shark

When the Solicitor-General took over the prosecution of John Banks, Graham McCready – retired accountant, convicted blackmailer and tax fraud, and successful prosecutor of Trevor Mallard – received a boost in credibility. Vindication was his.

Evidently, he rather enjoyed the role of public watchdog (and presumably the attention that went with it), as, Don Quixote-like, he immediately set off on an ill-prepared campaign to take down Len Brown and his wife for corruption. That prosecution attempt crashed and burned at the first hurdle, but the recent guilty verdict against John Banks (and of course the renewed publicity for Mr McCready that followed) appears to renewed McCready’s thirst to remain in the limelight.

Now, he’s pursuing private prosecutions against John Key, Detective Inspector Mark Benefield and John Banks, for conspiring to defeat the course of justice by not prosecuting Mr Banks. Unfortunately, Mr McCready appears to have lost track of why Justice Wylie found Mr Banks guilty – namely, a wealth of reliable witnesses who came up to brief for the Crown, and, in particular, the evidence of Kim Dotcom’s lawyer, Gregory Towers. In this new private prosecution, unless McCready has one hell of a damning OIA  paper trail, in which Mr Key, Mr Banks and Detective Inspector Benefield all email each other in some cartoon villain fashion, McCready will have nothing.

Nothing but a thirst for publicity.

Consider the shark well and truly jumped.


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