Sudan – guaranteeing religious freedom since…?

It has been reported that Meriam Yahya Ibrahim – the Sudanese woman who was sentenced to death for marrying a Christian – will be freed. Instead, her Christian marriage has been annulled and she’s received another 100 lashes for adultery, given that Islam doesn’t recognise the marriage.

In what was surely a sick joke, the Sudanese official who announced this stated that Sudan was committed to protecting the woman and guaranteed religious freedom.

With respect to the Sudanese government’s commitment to protecting Ms Ibrahim, one wonders how forcing her to give birth in chains can possibly constitute protection. Or indeed how having her flogged quite fits with the ‘protection’ side of things. Perhaps they interpret ‘protection’ in the way the Italian and American mafia would…

As to Sudan guaranteeing religious freedom, in what possible world of Orwellian double-speak does flogging someone for marrying a Christian translate to religious freedom?

Ms Ibrahim was raised a Christian by her mother, but was ruled to have turned her back on Islam because her father was a Muslim. As a Christian, she married another Christian, and found herself sentenced to death. Guaranteeing religious freedom? Once a Muslim, always a Muslim, according to the Islamic fundamentalists – no escape.


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