The Greens finalise their list

The Green Party have released their final party list, having had the membership vote on their interim list. The top 20 is as follows:

1. Metiria Turei (nc)
2. Russel Norman (nc)
3. Kevin Hague (nc)
4. Eugenie Sage (+2)
5. Gareth Hughes (+2)
6. Catherine Delahunty (-2)
7. Kennedy Graham (-2)
8. Julie Anne Genter (+5)
9. Mojo Mathers (+5)
10. Jan Logie (-1)
11. David Clendon (-3)
12. Holly Walker (nc)
13. James Shaw (+2)
14. Denise Roche (-3)
15. Steffan Browning (-5)
16. Marama Davidson (new)
17. Barry Coates (new)
18. John Hart (new)
19. Dave Kennedy (+4)
20. Jeanette Elley (-1)

There’s really only one significant change from the interim list – Mojo Mathers bounces up five spots to ninth, whereas in the interim list she hadn’t moved at all, remaining in 14th. Evidently, the party membership rates Ms Mathers rather more highly than do her parliamentary colleagues.

Steffan Browning remains in troubled territory. The interim list had him sitting in 16th spot, and although he’s moved up one spot in the final list, that only just gets him back into Parliament according to this site’s Poll of Polls. With the Greens currently sitting on a high of 12.4%, that would see them bringing in 15 MPs, one more than last election and just enough for Browning to squeak back in.

The Greens’ Tamaki Makaurau candidate, Marama Davidson, will be a little disappointed. She’s switched places with Mr Browning between the interim and final lists, dropping from 15th to 16th. On the Greens’ current wighted-average polling, she’d just miss out.

In the NZ Herald this morning, the Greens seem to hint that they’ll be aiming for 15% of the vote, which they estimate would bring in Browning, Davidson and Barry Coates. That’s certainly higher than any poll this year has had them, although they did reach 14.5% in the second-to-last Roy Morgan poll from earlier this month.


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