‘Racist Day’ fun with Kim Dotcom

‘Racist Day’ fun with Kim Dotcom” – it has to be one of the more awesome NZ Herald headlines in recent times…

So… it’s revealed that Kim Dotcom, while recording his critically acclaimed album ‘Good Times‘ (please note, sarcasm was indeed just deployed), took part in ‘Racist Day’ – where you could be as racist as you liked to everyone around you and nobody would hit you. He called his American crew “My little niggers” and had gollywogs made for them.

One wonders how that’s going to play out with Mana activists. Dotcom laughed off the footage of him wearing an SS helmet, but you can only use the “I’m a fun un-PC kind of guy” excuse so many times before people begin to think that you probably are actually a bit of a racist.

Anyhow, whether Dotcom is racist or not, it sure will be fun to hear Hone Harawira try and defend his pal’s use of the word ‘nigger’ to the Mana masses…


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