More on Labour’s Tamaki Makaurau selection process

Following on from yesterday’s post on Labour’s dogged determination to have Shane Taurima as their candidate for the Tamaki Makaurau seat, it seems that Labour have in fact now closed nominations. To a certain degree of closed…

Mr Taurima has indeed thrown his name into the ring, along with Auckland teacher Will Flavell. However, Taurima hasn’t been a Labour member for the requisite 12 months, and will require a waiver from Labour HQ in order to contest the nomination. Labour seem to be waiting on the contents of the TVNZ report in Taurima’s conduct there before they grant the waiver. Essentially, it gives them a handy veto if the report (which is expected out this week) turns up anything embarrassing.

Labour’s general secretary, Tim Barnett, has been reported as saying that if Taurima is refused the waiver, selection for the seat might then be reopened. This would allow Julian Wilcox of Maori TV to run (although he too would require a waiver).

I think it’s safe to say that, regardless of whether Labour reopen the selection process or not, Will Flavell won’t be getting the nomination…



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