Shane Jones’ departure shows just why Labour should be glad he’s going

There was an interesting article by Claire Trevett in the NZ Herald this morning, in which Shane Jones’ partner, Dot Pumipi, was interviewed about Mr Jones’ departure:

Shane Jones’ partner, Dot Pumipi, says the MP’s greatest fear in making the decision to resign was that his phone would stop ringing and he would get withdrawal symptoms from the sudden lack of attention.

It’s an interview that sums up the gigantic narcissism of a politician like Shane Jones. Just as we probably all expected, it’s now been confirmed that it’s all been about Jonesy and the attention he could get.

He’s confirmed it too as he walks out the Labour party door, giving interviews to all and sundry where he reprises his “geldings” attack on the Labour caucus, implies that the party’s moved too far to the left, continues his attack on the Green party, and says he could never work under a Greens’ minister. It’s good headline grabbing stuff, but it’s a slap to the face of Jones’ soon-to-erstwhile colleagues. David Cunliffe must be spitting tacks at the method of Jones’ departure, but he and the remaining Labour caucus will be breathing a sigh of relief that Jones is gone.

At the end of the month, Shane Jones will drift off into the Pacific, into a well-paid political oblivion, and the negative headlines that followed him wherever he went will end. Clayton Cosgrove will take over Labour’s hatchet job on Countdown (and Cosgrove makes a good attack dog, albeit one not quite so flamboyant as Jones), and Kelvin Davis will step up to the plate as an example of dignified, modern Maori leadership. And as the election campaign begins, the only people missing Jones will be the media.


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