The Scarlet Pimpernel runs from Dotcom

Kim Dotcom’s mystery “sitting electorate MP” – that Scarlet Pimpernel of NZ politics – will now remain a mystery for evermore. Apparently, the mystery MP was not overly thrilled with Dotcom’s overtures to the Mana Party, and has declined to join forces with the Internet Party.

I doubt many people are surprised. A fair few commentators didn’t believe the mystery MP even existed in the first place – that it was all a fabrication designed to give Dotcom publicity. Who knows? Certainly, it’s highly convenient that Dotcom can’t provide any further details because of a “confidentiality agreement”, and that he doesn’t appear to have ever told anyone in either the Internet Party or Mana who this MP was.

My take on the matter is that Dotcom may have had some very loose discussions with a sitting electorate MP, who may have told Dotcom that his planned political movement sounded interesting. Dotcom has then inflated that into a claim that he’s in talks with an MP who’s going to jump ship to the Internet Party. The MP has undoubtedly been subsequently back-pedalling at a mile a minute, and Dotcom has finally confirmed once and for all that the loose discussions are at an end.


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