Dinner is the new tea

Everyone needs to eat, even John Key, but it is Mr Key’s choice of dinner companions is now the discussion point du jour, following his fundraising gig for the Maori Party.

Now, it has been revealed that Mr Key will be the guest speaker at an ACT party fundraiser for the party’s Epsom candidate, David Seymour. It’s a lot cheaper to get to this particular dinner – just $200 compared to the Maori Party’s $5,000 per head extravaganza.

Audrey Young notes that this is essentially John Key’s endorsement of Mr Seymour. No cup of tea will now be required.

Act has been a support partner of National for two terms now and Mr Key has already said National could work with the party again. The dinner is an effective signal to the electorate to vote for the Act candidate but give National the party vote.

Not that much of an endorsement was needed. The “good people of Epsom” are well aware that having ACT around increases the chances of National getting over the line in 2014. As Matthew Hooton has often said, Epsom will swallow all sorts of dead rats if it keeps Labour out of office.


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