They seek him here, they seek him there…

So, the Scarlet Pimpernel of NZ politics remains elusive. The hunt continues for the MP who has allegedly agreed to join Kim Dotcom’s Internet Party…

When Dotcom first unleashed the mystery upon an unsuspecting media, he said only that the MP was a sitting MP. There was no mention of an electorate MP, causing the finger of suspicion to hover above that paragon of ideological nothingness, Brendan Horan.

Since then, Mr Horan has denied everything, and Mr Dotcom’s language has now firmed up. This article on reports that:

Internet entrepreneur Dotcom said this afternoon that a sitting electorate MP would join the party but he would not say who the person was, what party they currently belonged to or what electorate they represented.

So… It’s now definitely an electorate MP, eh? But who? Who???

I’m stumped. I’ve just trawled through a list of every electorate MP and drawn a blank. None of them make sense. Of the major party MPs, they’re all either too tribally National or Labour, or such miserable non-entities that they surely wouldn’t gamble their political existence away on a tilt at Internet Party stardom. And of the minor party electorate MPs, it’s obviously not Hone Harawira (Dotcom has explicitly ruled him out as our Pimpernel) or John Banks. Peter Dunne doesn’t strike me as having a death-wish, and Te Ururoa Flavell sure ain’t going anywhere that Harawira might conceivably end up.

So in a wild stab in the dark, let’s point the bone of prophecy at Trevor Mallard! He’s on the outer at Labour – everyone wants him to resign, he’s lost his role as campaign manager and he’s part of the ABC club, so Cunliffe won’t give him any interesting portfolios… Must be Trevor.



    1. Yeah, I’d have thought he’d have spent so long fighting all manner of battles as a Labourite that the idea of walking away from that identity would be anathema to him. But people do make some strange decisions when they’re pointedly told by everyone that they’re no longer wanted… And it would be highly entertaining if it was Trevor!

      Problem is I just can’t see it being any of Labour’s other (relatively small) bunch of electorate MPs. And why would anyone from National jump ship to Dotcom? There have been enough retirements from National to basically guarantee a winnable list spot for those who might be struggling to hold their electorate seat, and are looking at other strange options…

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