Yet more Kohanga Reo Trust Board allegations…

The allegations just keep coming. Now it’s been revealed that the Kohanga Reo Trust Board’s commercial arm, Te Pataka Ohanga (TPO), has been loaning money to Trust Board members, TPO directors and members of its management team. Over $200,000 is owed to TPO by those involved in its running.

So let’s keep track of the allegations:
– We’ve got this new example of $200,000 in related party lending, including a single loan of $160,000 to a Trust Board member.
– A $50,000 “koha” paid to an unnamed Board member.
– Credit card spending on personal items, such as the wedding dress and jewellery.
– A cash withdrawal of $1,000 koha for a hui that was never attended.

All of which adds up to the conclusion that the members of the Trust Board and TPO have a culture of entitlement regarding the money that is provided by the Ministry of Education. While individual Kohanga Reo struggle along, the elite who distribute the funds see the set-up as their own personal fiefdom.

And the response thus far from Trust Board spokesperson, Derek Fox? TPO matters were no one’s business other than the Trust’s. Which says it all about the secrecy and lack of transparency that the Trust Board and TPO have engaged in. Frankly, the Kohanga Reo Trust Board needs to be disestablished, its functions need to be incorporated into the Ministry of Education, and funnelling of money into TPO, to be used at its managers’ pleasure, needs to end.


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