And the assault on Judith Collins continues…

Someone in Labour knows how to use Google Maps, and has realised that a short trip to the airport for Judith Collins became an 80km round trip, so she could stop in at Oravida HQ for her infamous cup of milk. When asked, Ms Collins said she simply didn’t know where in Shanghai she was, which makes it all okay…

Now, if I were an opposition MP or a political journalist, I’d probably be asking Ms Collins to clarify a few details. For instance, who from Ms Collins’ camp called whom in the Oradiva camp to confirm that the cup of milk was all go? And what time was the phone call made? Was it really just an after-thought on the way to the airport? Surely not, given that would require a u-turn so that she could travel 30km in the wrong direction? Just how many phone calls between Collins’ and Oravida’s staff were there during the Shanghai trip?

Because something smells distinctly fishy.


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