The Greens’ list

The Green party have just released their initial party list, ready to be voted on by the membership:

1 Turei, Metiria (nc)
2 Norman, Russel (nc)
3 Hague, Kevin (nc)
4 Sage, Eugenie (+2)
5 Delahunty, Catherine (-1)
6 Hughes, Gareth (+1)
7 Graham, Kennedy (-2)
8 Genter, Julie Anne (+5)
9 Logie, Jan (nc)
10 Shaw, James (+5)
11 Walker, Holly (+1)
12 Clendon, David (-4)
13 Roche, Denise (-2)
14 Mathers, Mojo (nc)
15 Davidson, Marama (new)
16 Browning, Steffan (-6)
17 Coates, Barry (new)
18 Hart, John (new)
19 McDonald, Jack (new)
20 Leckinger, Richard (-3)

As was expected by various pundits, David Clendon and Steffan Browning have shunted down the list, although David Clendon still retains a winnable position.

The big winners have to be Julie Anne Genter, rewarded for her hard work, and James Shaw, who leaps into a winnable position after just missing out in 2011.

Mojo Mathers, who just sneaked in last election, retains exactly the same spot as she had last time – number 14. She’ll be chewing on her fingernails – my Poll of Polls currently has the Greens down marginally on their 2011 result, projecting 13 MPs. That would shunt Mathers and Browning out the door, while providing one new face in James Shaw.

It will be interesting to see how much things change once the membership has voted.


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