Political management tips for the Internet Party

Apparently, Kim Dotcom’s Internet Party is almost at the point where it can start accepting members, according to this story.

Here’s a few tips to the Internet Party’s manager, Vikram Kumar:

– Have your online app for joining the party ready to go on the day the party is announced. The announcement is your big blaze of publicity. Not ready to go? Well, don’t assume that those fickle young voters you’re hoping to catch will still be paying attention months down the track when you finally get round to trying to get their money and membership.

– Don’t have your founder write your party off before you’ve even begun collecting members. When your founder has already made it pretty clear that he’ll blow the whole thing sky-high if the polls don’t show the party at 5% before the election campaign has even started, you’re not really providing much an incentive to join, are you? “What happens to my $1.29 membership fee?” cry the masses. “I join for three years, but the party’s not likely to even last three months? Well, bugger that…”


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